Man has been living together with dogs for thousands of years. A close partnership has evolved from this period. The dog holds an important position as a member of the family.

Cairn Bries Iceman

Cairn Bries Kurly

We are one family.

For children, dogs are not only playmates. Living with dogs will teach them to treat living beings with respect and to assume responsibility. For elderly persons, living together with a dog may often be an inestimable asset. Caring for the dog maintains mental and physical fitness, ensures a regular daily routine, and above all prevents loneliness and often replaces a human partner.

Cairn Bries Groby II

Two beings getting on very well with each other without a word. Cairn Bries Goby II with his Mistress

But every dog needs his firm position within the family.
You will not become the pack leader by buying a dog but only by learning to act as pack leader. Get to know how dogs are thinking. You should therefore know that wild dogs are living in a well-defined family pack not allowing the individual members to have their own way. As regards man, this may be compared with a large family in which all members stick together.

Cairn Bries Boomer

Soon you will be mine

Cairn Bries Boomer

„I’ve won“

If you decide to own a dog, you must always bear in mind that a Cairn will be your companion for, as a rule, more than 10 years. You must share your home with him, assume cost and responsibility. Purchasing a dog should therefore never be precipitated but carried out only after careful considerations.

Cairn Bries Dancer

Cairn Bries Filou

We are eager to have fun!

The wider the choice, the greater the trouble: male or female animal. This is a question to be decided by your personal view. The assertion that bitches are more affectionate than males belongs to the realm of legends.
Even males can be gentle, liking to be cuddled, and bitches be charming but insolent fellows.

Cairn Bries

Cairn Bries

How to select a puppy
The puppy should show the typical characteristics of the breed, should move freely with his tail carried gaily and should lively play with his littermates.
Fearful and scared puppies are untypical of this breed.
Cairn puppies should have balanced medium measures without any exaggerations. Their build should not appear too heavy or lacking in refinement, but puppies having thin legs and small hare feet are not desired. The back should be of medium length, not too short and rigid in movement according to age. Pigmentation must be clearly shown, i.e. a black nose, black pads and claws.
The head should be well proportioned, with dark hazelnut-brown eyes well set and medium-sized ears matching the head in size.

Cairn Bries

Mother and son, Multichampion Cairn Bries Kim and Cairn Bries Dancer.

The dog in our daily routine Yes, you’re totally right: He really is charming, your little Cairn Terrier. A bundle of coat on four paws, with ears and tail still two sizes too large, curious beyond all measure and only thinking of fooling around.

Cairn Bries

Cairn Bries

Has anybody called me? Cairn Bries „Gladies in Yellow“

But irrespective of whether you have purchased a puppy or a young dog, he or she needs a firm training. It is only in this way that your Cairn will become a pleasant companion for you and your family.
Please bear in mind: What a young Cairn will not learn, will be hard to learn for a grown-up Cairn.

Cairn Bries Helena

Cairn Bries Dancer

My toys!


Cairn Terrier Pfoten

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