General Appearance

Quick, alert, takes pleasure in working, sturdy look, standing well on his front legs. Strong forehand and rearhand. deep chest, very free-flowing stride, weather-resistant double coat.

Photo on the left:
Cairn Bries Carlotta, International Champion, German KFT/VDH Champion, Slovak Champion.


The Cairn is to give the impression of being active, courageous and sturdy. Fearless, gay, assertive but not aggressive.

Photo on the left:
Already very self-confident: Young male, 10 months old
Cairn Bries Dancer, KFT Junior Champion


Head small but in correct proportion to body, head well coated. Broad skull with well-defined indentation between the eyes, definite stop. Nose black, muzzle powerful, scissors bite. Eyes set wide apart, medium-sized, dark hazel in colour and slightly sunk with shaggy eyebrows. Ears small, pointed, pricked-up, not too closely set nor too far apart, not too heavily coated.

  Cairn Bries Charming Miss Molly "Expressionen"

Cairn Bries Claire


Neck well set on, good transition into shoulder and not too short. Back level, medium length. Strong supple loin.
Well sprung rib cage with deep receding ribs. Tail short, in proportion to the body, well coated but not feathery. Neither high nor low set. Carried gaily but not turned down towards back.

Photo on the left:
Cairn Bries Cara Cinderella KFT Junior Champion, International Champion, VDH/KFT Champion,


Forelegs: medium length of leg, strong but not too heavy bones, well covered with harsh hair. Sloping shoulders, never out at elbows.
Hindlegs: thighs very strong and muscular with good, but not excessive, bend of stifle.
Hocks well let down, inclining neither in nor out.
Forefeet, larger than hind, may be slightly turned out. Thick, strong pads. Thin, narrow or spreading feet are objectionable.


A very free-flowing stride with good extension. Forelegs reaching well forward, hindlegs giving strong propulsion.

Photo on the left: Six weeks old puppy.
Gait already well defined at puppy age.
Cairn Bries Lolly Pop, now KFT Champion.


Very important. Weather-resistant double coat with profuse, harsh but not wiry outer coat. Undercoat short, soft and close. Open coat is objectionable. Slight wave is permissible.

Brother and sister



Cream, wheaten, red, grey or nearly black. Brindling is acceptable in all these colours.
Solid black, white, or black and tan are not admissible.
Dark points at ears and muzzle are very typical.
All these colour varieties are shown!

Cairn Terrier, dunkel gestromt

Cairn Terrier, weizenfarben

Cairn Terrier, rot gestromt

Cairn Terrier, rot

Cairn Terrier, silber-grau gestromt

Size and weight

Approx. 28-31 cm at withers, but in proportion to weight which ideally is 8.5-10 kgs.


Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Cairn Terrier

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